EPISO, With El Paso Elected Officials, Challenges Governor on Medicaid


"Elected officials and members of Border Interfaith and the El Paso Interreligious Sponsoring Organization (EPISO) joined the CEOs of University Medical Center and Del Sol Medical Center to push for expanded Medicaid coverage to insure 1.5 million uninsured Texans, including about 135,000 El Pasoans….

Lucy Nashed, a deputy press secretary for the governor, in an email said Perry is against a Medicaid expansion under Obamacare, but is interested in flexibility from the federal government “to address the challenges in the current broken Medicaid system.” [Photo Credit: Mark Lambie, El Paso Times]

Leaders Urge Medicaid Expansion, El Paso Times [pdf]

EPISO Leverages Commitments for Equity in School Funding

1210-EPISO-CISD-Accountability-Session.jpgMore than 200 leaders of El Paso Interreligious Sponsoring Organization assembled to challenge Clint Independent School District board candidates to “eliminate all disparities in per student funding throughout the district if elected….Challengers Claudia García, Sonia Herrera, Susana Santillan, Dino Coronado and incumbent Patricia Randleel participated at the nonpartisan accountability session at the Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Horizon City.”

[Photo Credit: Fernie Castillo, El Paso Times]

Clint ISD Candidates Back Equitable School Funding, El Paso Times

EPISO Leaders Bring President of Texas Gas Company to Colonias

When neighborhood parishioners of San Juan Diego Catholic Church in the Montana Vista colonias grew frustrated at the lack of gas service in their unincorporated district, they organized a petition drive, signing up 300 families to demand that the Texas Gas Service install gas lines.  When the petition did not bring about the desired response, these parishioners approached their priest for help. He challenged them to join the social justice ministry of the church and to work with the El Paso Interreligious Sponsoring Organization (EPISO). 

These leaders responded, joining the ministry, organizing house meetings with other neighbors and, with EPISO, targeting the TX Gas Service President, Kari French, with an invitation to tour their neighborhood, to see for herself the state of infrastructure in the colonias.

The President accepted the invitation, toured the area, and committed to meeting with the department head to see what can be done.  She reflected, “my people can tell me what is going on in the colonias,” but it is different to see it for oneself.

Leaders are following up with her.

El Paso IAF Secures $210 Million in Bond Funding for Infrastructure

When El Paso officials first envisioned a “quality of life” bond they slated $600 Million for stadiums, a zoo and high-art venues. EPISO and Border Interfaith leaders responded with a house meeting campaign in their institutions centered on the question: what would improve the quality of life for El Paso families and individuals?

Upon hearing stories about crumbling roads, decaying parks, darkened neighborhoods and unpaved walkways, leaders returned to council members with reports on what would improve the quality of life for residents. Councilmembers resisted incorporating these day-to-day fixes until leaders organized a second round of house meetings that unearthed renewed energy to fight for these improvements. 

Leaders partnered with the City Manager to add $210M in certificates of obligation to pay for roads, streetlights, sidewalks and parks, and then leveraged a 6:1 council vote in support.

EPISO, Border Interfaith Gather Input on Quality-of-Life Bond, El Paso Times

EPISO Leverages Commitments from Candidates on Education, Immigration & Workforce Development

1205-EPISO-Assembly.jpg“About 450 people gathered Sunday at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church to listen to candidates vying to represent Precincts 1 and 3 on County Commissioners Court, Districts 75 and 77 in the Texas House of Representatives, and the 16th and 23rd Congressional Districts in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The event was organized by El Paso Interreligious Sponsoring Organization, a non-partisan group…”

[Photo Credit: Mark Lambie, El Paso Times]

Election 2012: 450 Hear Candidates at El Paso Interreligious Sponsoring Organization Session, El Paso Times

Vienen Mas Que 400 a Foro de Candidatos

Por John Hall, El Paso Times


La Organización Patrocinadora Interreligiosa de El Paso (EPISO) estaba haciendo sus rendicións de cuentas el domingo en La Iglesia Católica de Santo Tomás de Aquino, midiendo que tan cerca las posiciones de los candidatos coinciden con las posiciones del propio grupo de apoyo en una serie de preguntas que trataban sobre la inmigración, los lugares de votación móvil y el acceso a los servicios públicos para las colonias.

Más de 400 residentes asistieron al foro.

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Organizace, Vote Para Asegurar Igualdad, Justicia

Por el Reverendo Wayne Kendrick y el Reverendo Ken Ducre, Columnistas invitados

El Paso Times, OPINION  


En las lecturas dominicales de Luteranos y Católicos (Lc. 18:1-8) existe un “juez injusto” que rechaza ayudar a una viuda. Pero ella insiste al juez diciéndole: “hazme justicia”. En la parábola el sigue rechazándola hasta que su injusticia es evidente.

Interfé de la Frontera y EPISO son como la viuda de la parábola. Hay jueces injustos, oficiales electos y candidatos de la vida real. Podemos poner una barrera contra ellos, esconder nuestras cabezas en la arena, (o en nuestras congregaciones), o hacer algo para alcanzar la justicia. Nuestras congregaciones y otros hemos elegido la última opción.

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EPISO, Texas IAF Hold Texas Governor & Lt. Governor Accountable in 1983

Click photo below for photo gallery:EPISO Assemblies, 1983

At both statewide assemblies, EPISO delegates gathered at the El Paso Civic Center to do public business with Texas state elected officials.  In attendance were El Paso Mayor Jonathan Rogers, County Judge Pat O’Rourke, Congressman Ron Coleman, and City Councilwoman Alicia Chacon.  EPISO members discussed issues like the lack of water in communities and education / public school needs in El Paso.

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