EPISO/Border Interfaith is calling on Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz and members of Congress to enact a stimulus package that will protect families, the economy, and public health. 

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Senators Cornyn, Cruz, and members of the House:

As leaders and clergy of EPISO/Border Interfaith, we call on you and your colleagues to swiftly pass a stimulus package that:

• Supports the full $600 per week supplemental unemployment insurance;
• Provides $100 Billion in Rent Assistance so families can pay their rent;
• Makes a stimulus payment to all taxpayers using a social security number or ITIN ($1,200) and their children ($500);
• Assures schools have the funds needed to effectively and safely provide both virtual and in-person classes that keep our children and teachers safe;
• Increases the share of Medicaid paid by the federal government to free up state revenues for other essential services; and requires that all states maintain their current Medicaid services.

Each day, we see increasing devastation wrought upon our communities by the public health and economic crises that resulted from the Coronavirus pandemic. We implore you to act now and boldly ensure families have a roof over their head, water to wash their hands, and food in their stomachs. The best way to keep the economy afloat and save lives is to support our families.


Leaders and Clergy of EPISO/Border Interfaith

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